This event has now happened but you can watch a recording on the Perspectiva Youtube channel here (47 mins).

Join us to find out more about the Realisation Festival this Wednesday 8-9pm.

With co-founders and speakers

  • Jonathan Rowson of Perspectiva
  • filmmaker and writer Xialou Guo
  • Nick Ashley-Cooper, who moved to St Giles House when he unexpectedly became the 12th Earl of Shaftesbury
  • psychotherapist/philosopher Mark Vernon
  • festival programme co-coordinator  Pippa Evans

We will explore the ‘whats’ and ‘why nows’ of the festival and talk about

  • what realisation is and why it is particularly valuable in volatile times
  • why St Giles House is the ideal place for this process of unlearning and reimagining
  • what the experience was like last year and what we hope for in June.


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